What is School Leadership?

Leaders are the DNA of any organization. They have the biggest influence in the functioning of the school. Therefore, it is important for the school leaders to have a vision and the school should work towards the realization of the vision. Initially we try to understand leadership structures present in the school. Following this we make the leaders realize/ recognize that there is a need to change certain things the school, for instance conventional teaching – learning practices. Further, we suggest them innovative practices that can be implemented for a sustainable transformation of the school.

How does teaching happen?

Effective teaching Practice is the most important aspect of school learning process. We observe the way teachers teach in the school. The teaching practices are assessed ranging from subject knowledge to lesson delivery to willingness to learn.


Is the school a happy place?

Healthy School environment is essential for sustainable growth of not just children but the entire school. Therefore, we consciously observe aspects like overall commitment to improvement, to morale, to having an inclusive learning etc. Following this we provide suitable guidance to the school for their holistic development.

What do the Children learn?

We believe in keeping Children at the center while planning school transformation. We begin by understanding the state of learners in the school, ranging from their
curricular attainment to their personal and social development. We plan a suitable activity-based learning curriculum as per their needs.


Does the community participate?

Communities play an important role in shaping a child’s growth. We assess the interest and involvement of parents and other community members towards the learning process of children. We plan suitable activities to involve and encourage them to take active part in their child’s education.

Are the schools fully equipped?

It is important for Schools to have at least some basic resources to make learning effective. We help them making school a resourceful place to provide a conducive environment for learning.