About Us

Vidhya Vidhai is a not for profit organization started by three like-minded people, based in Chennai. The purpose of Vidhya Vidhai is to bridge the gap between richly resourced and under-resourced schools. 

Vision & Mission

Vision - To create an egalitarian society through education

Mission - To build an ecosystem that provides equal opportunity and access to quality education

School Transformation Programme

The School Transformation Programme helps schools to develop and promote quality education. Through School transformation Programme, Vidhya Vidhai Foundation partners with schools for 2 years. In the process, the School Transformation Leaders works for better student learning outcome by intervening with different stakeholders of school like teachers, leaders, parents and students. It is a holistic approach to improve schools by providing quality education to the children. In the current year, Vidhya Vidhai is working with 8 schools in Tamil Nadu.