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Our Approach

Our Theory of Change is built on our evolving understanding of how people, as individuals and teams, lead and manage change to move from the current situation to a new, desired one.

How We Do

Individual change, across all stakeholders, is the starting point and driving force for larger school-wide change. It is when all individuals within the school begin to understand and act within their own sphere of influence while also having an awareness of the big picture, systemic change is achieved.

What we do

Looking at school transformation only through specific aspects or narrow lens such as teacher-training, student assessments, curriculum support, technology in education and the likes are bound to be held down by the singular focus on one aspect of educational change. We realize that these various aspects are interrelated to each other and our belief is that when stakeholders of a school come together, collaborate and align on purpose and action, impact is multiplied and sustainability of impact is guaranteed.