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Our Belief

  • Education is a preparation for life
    Our belief that Education is a preparation for life ensures our focus on three aspects
    • The liberal aspect of education concerns the preparation of the child on an individual level realizing its own potential in life, able to appreciate and tolerate the culture and practices of the community and is able to make choices with the direction he/she wants to go.

    • The civic aspect of education concerns the participation of the individual in society as a citizen who vote, take part in politics, voluntary and charitable activities.

    • The vocational aspect of education concerns individuals to developing skills for economic activity.

  • Quality Education is sustainable only when improvement of education happens at a collaborative, strategic and at a systemic fashion.
    Nature of learning in schools is highly influenced by the policy makers, central - state leaders and education functionaries at different levels. It is important for a change to happen at the systemic level to realize the impact on students' learning outcomes.

  • It takes village to raise the child
    Children are the core of the society. Their learning is not just confined to the schools or classrooms but it is the whole environment that shapes and rears them to an adult. Building a strong foundation in the early years of education will result in a better society as a whole.