Our Team

Ram Prakash K


Ram is the master mind behind VV and is a Post Graduate from Azim Premji University.  His deep will to uplift the quality of Indian educaion is the driving force behind VV.

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Regila Marinus Roslin Dass


Regi, Post Graduate from APU, is the prime event and course planner in VV. Many ambitious programs in VV are brainchild of her creative efforts.

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Shri Karpagam


Shri is a Post Graduate from IIT Madras. She does our organizational & course planning. Aside from her expertise in child education, she also excels in ocean technology.

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Bharath R


Bharath is an IIM Trichy Post Graduate. He is our marketing genie & also takes care of organizational development.

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Karunya D


Karunya, the newest member of our troop, is also from APU school of thought. She manages school transformations in Chennai.

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