School Leadership Development Programme

A core Initiative of Vidhya Vidhai

At Vidhya Vidhai, the School Leadership Development Programme (SLDP) holds a central and pivotal role in our mission to transform education. SLDP is not just one of our initiatives; it is a core and foundational program that embodies our commitment to empowering School Leaders and enhancing the quality of education across India.

Our Comprehensive Approach:

Within Vidhya Vidhai, SLDP is strategically designed to encompass program design and strategy development in collaboration with state leaders. We establish robust monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure the program’s effectiveness, and we actively drive its successful implementation.

Key focus Areas:

Building Master Trainer Capacity

We place a strong emphasis on developing highly skilled master trainers who play a critical role in equipping School Leaders with essential knowledge and skills.

Strategic Partnerships with State Leaders

Vidhya Vidhai works hand in hand with state leaders to craft and execute strategies for school leadership development, ensuring alignment with local needs and challenges.

Fostering Communities of Practice

SLDP encourages the creation of communities of practice, where School Leaders can engage in collaborative learning, share insights, address challenges, and promote best practices.

Utilizing EMIS for Data-Driven Decisions:

Our team harnesses the power of the Education Management Information System (EMIS) to capture and analyze relevant data. This data-driven approach empowers Leaders to make informed decisions.

Through the School Leadership Development Programme, Vidhya Vidhai is dedicated to enhancing the quality of education in India. SLDP stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to empower School Leaders, and it serves as the core of our transformative efforts in the field of education. 

Our Comprehensive Approach:


“Empowering 60,000 School Leaders for Excellence”